Your personal executive money manager

A new and unique way to manage your money and save more. Powered by AI, designed by humans.

"I don't know where my money went"

"I know I need a budget but it's hard to keep track"

"I should save, but... I dunno"

The problem It's hard 😕

  1. Managing our own money is tedious and taking too much time.
  2. There's no time to fiddle with spreadsheets and bank statements.
  3. We know what to do, which made us feel guilty at times for not doing it.

proposed SolutionBank card that manages for you

Atomicard takes care of your finances so you don't have to.

automating budgeting

Atomicard loads only your monthly budget. Never overspend.

automating Savings

Atomicard automatically saves for you without you noticing.

The Brain of Atomicard 50/30/20 RULE

Based on Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren's rule of 50% needs, 30% wants and 20% savings, Atomicard dynamically allocates your money towards your funds.

automating insights

Atomicard does your spreadsheets and comes up with insights.

Insights Type #1
Smart Summaries

"You've spent 28% of budget on eating out this week"

Insights Type #2
forecast timeline

"Your fun fund will reach around $500 in 2 weeks"

Insights Type #3
actionable advice

"Spend less than $100 until Friday to be on track for budget"

    "You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you."

Dave Ramsey,  New York Times Bestseller on Personal Finance

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